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Live in Chiswick? Here’s our round-up of the best Instagram accounts to follow

Stay up-to-date with everyone and everything in W4.

If you live in Chiswick and have an Instagram account its likely you follow some local individuals and businesses, in case there are some you don’t know about, in this latest blog we’ve highlighted what Instagram accounts you should follow if you live in Chiswick.

From local events to pop up stores and competitions, all sorts of exciting things can be found on social media that you’d otherwise have no idea about.

The age old saying of ‘it’s who you know’ continues to have influence only now, online, its often more ‘who you follow’ to ensure you’re up to speed with local announcements.

1. The Chiswick Calendar

If you live in Chiswick hopefully you know about The Chiswick Calendar. On their website they share great information about all the local events that are running. The Chiswick Calendar Instagram account is primarily used to share daily images taken around Chiswick.

The images are often very beautiful to look at, or they might cast light on events, or are simply a snapshot of a moment in time in Chiswick.

2. Aubrey Mark Charles

Aubrey’s account is a feast for the eyes, often getting up and out before the rest of us have risen means he captures the most glorious photos of Chiswick and other spots in West London as the sun rises, when the streets are totally deserted.

With around 11k followers Aubrey has quite the following and often collaborates with local businesses who are running competitions, opening new stores or launching new events, so his account is well worth following if you’re local and want to know what’s going on or learn about some places to visit nearby.

3. The Old Cinema

One of our absolute favourite places in Chiswick, The Old Cinema is London’s only department store solely devoted to selling antique, retro, vintage, industrial and upcycled items.

Not only is their Instagram worth following for updates on new items or sales that are taking place, but they also share some beautiful home inspiration images.

4. Martha Roberts

Not only will Martha Robert’s Instagram account most definitely add some colour to your feed, but it might well inspire you to spruce up your shelves, organise your home in more appealing ways and likely encourage you to add a little colour too.

From her home in Chiswick, Martha shares images of her wonderfully colourful home on her Instagram page, and on her website, you’ll find an excellent blog filled with interesting guests and top tips on adding colour to your world.

If you’re looking to support local businesses Martha has a wonderful Etsy shop online from which she sells a variety of items including different prints and greetings cards.

5. Brooke Copp-Barton

Brooke Copp-Barton is a Chiswick based interior designer who’s featured in House & Garden and 25 Beautiful Homes.

Brooke’s Instagram is an excellent place to browse through interiors, spark creativity and perhaps hone design ideas for your home.

If you’re considering working with an interior designer, we’d highly recommend Brooke and her Instagram is an excellent place to check out a snapshot of her portfolio.

6. Artists At Home

It’s no secret that we’re big supporters of Artists at Home – High Road Studio is filled with art created by their members and we’re planning to exhibit different artist’s work regularly.

From their Instagram account they share images of artwork, sometimes a glimpse into some of the processes the artists go through when creating and of course updates on their events.

Artists At Home was primarily an Open Studio Event where members of the public would tour the local area popping into different artist’s studios or homes to view their art or craft and buy those, they wished to take home.

The pandemic has meant this couldn’t go ahead over the past 18 months and virtual events took place instead – this year between 17 and 19 September, the Open Studio event is taking place once more with 78 artists participating, one of which is setting up in our very own workspace here at High Road Studios! We can’t wait.

7. Chiswick Book Festival Online

There are around 425 writers who’ve written a book and lived in Chiswick or written a book about W4 – with Chiswick potentially being Britain’s most literary location it’s incredibly fitting that there is a dedicated annual book festival.

One of the most popular events in Chiswick, the Chiswick Book Festival is an annual celebration that brings together top authors and their readers for a week of history, poetry, biography, creative writing, fiction, thrillers, gardens, food, wine, politics and children’s books.

This year the event will take place between 9th and 15th September, across a number of venues – follow their Instagram for updates on the event and other related, often interesting, information.

8. Louiseloveslondon

A lifestyle and travel writer, owner of baby and toddler clothing store Petits Pieds London and ambassador of Maggie & Rose – Louise’s account is a great one to follow, especially if you have young children, as she often shares items she’s found or experiences on day’s out.

Luckily for us Louise is local, meaning many of the adventures she so wonderfully captures with her daughter Clara are in West London or relatively accessible.

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If you’re not on Instagram or Twitter, you can register for newsletter updates with several of the above.

Please do let us know if there’s anyone you think we should have included in our top ten as we quite enjoyed doing this round up and hope to do another in the future!

As always if you’d like to talk to seasoned local estate agent about selling your property in Chiswick please do get in touch with our team and the lettings team would be delighted to assist with your rental property in W4 should you be looking for advice and guidance regarding your portfolio.