Living in Baron's Court

Living in Barons Court

Barons Court is a charming residential neighbourhood in the West London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The area is known for its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture, quiet streets, independent shops and community feel. 

Here’s what you need to know about living in Barons Court.

Where is Barons Court?

The small yet wonderful area of Barons Court is in West London, situated between Hammersmith and West Kensington. 

For many the area is a place the simply pass by on the way into central London, however, for those who live in Barons Court will know it to be a charming and sought-after residential area, known for its peaceful tree-lined streets, elegant architecture, and proximity to some of the city’s best parks, museums, and cultural attractions. 

Brief history of the area

Barons Court might be a compact residential area, but it is home to several notable sites dating back hundreds of years in particular The Queen’s Club and St Paul’s Studios. 

The area was largely used as a market garden until the late 18th century when residential houses started to be built on the land. Hammersmith Cemetery was consecrated in 1869 and it was soon after that when Major Sir William Palliser built some of the first suburban houses to its east. 

Regarding where the name ‘Barons Court’ originated from, there is disagreement amongst historians with some claiming Major Sir William Palliser conjured up the name to mock neighbouring Earl’s Court. There’s also question marks over the deliberate lack of apostrophe in the name, though for the most part an apostrophe is now added for correctness.   

One of the best-known features of the area was established in 1886 – The Queen’s Club. The Queen’s Club claims to have been the first multi-purpose sports complex anywhere in the world and is now best known for the pre-Wimbledon tennis championships which is a highlight of the summer calendar locally. The club is also the national headquarters for real tennis and rackets.

Wonderful historic architecture can be found around every corner, in a grid like arrangement of the roads from white stucco to red brick. Of course, anyone who’s driven along the A4 will have likely noticed the distinctive outline of the large, round-topped windows of St Paul’s Studios which were built by Frederick Wheeler on the Talgarth Road for ‘bachelor artists’ in 1891.

Barons Court is very well connected today by both rail and road but surprisingly Barons Court station did not open until 1905, 30 years after the construction of the line. The Art-Deco era properties found on Barons Court Road were build some years later in the 1930’s to replace bomb damaged homes after the Second World War. 

Green spaces and nearby parks

There are several parks and green spaces in the area and nearby including Field Road Park, Bayonne Park, the Margravine Playground, and to the south Normand Park. As well as having Lillie Road recreation ground nearby. 

Brook Green, Holland Park, and Ravenscourt Park are all just a short distance away and of course the river path is within walking distance for those wanting to enjoy a stroll with a view. 

Ravenscourt Park

Shops and local amenities

From high-end butchers to cosy coffee shops, there’s something for everyone in this charming West London neighbourhood.

Perhaps one of the best-known independent retailers in the area is H G Walter, the butcher. There are multiple convenience stores near to the station along with Oddbins wine merchant. 

Living in Barons Court results in you being within easy reach of some of London’s best cultural and entertainment venues with the Olympia Exhibition Centre just a short distance away, which hosts a range of events, including trade shows, concerts, and conferences. 

The nearby Hammersmith Apollo also hosts a range of live performances and music concerts. Additionally, the area is within proximity to some of London’s best museums, including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum which are all just a short distance down the road, or a couple of stops away on the underground, in South Kensington. 

Whilst Barons Court is truly a wonderful place to live, it is its exceptional position and connectivity that makes it an even more desirable place to live. 

Places to eat and drink

Barons Court’s eateries offer residents several options locally. The parade nearest the station is perhaps the best known, with popular Gail’s Bakery, C’est Ici and the Metro Café. 

On the other side of the area, near Charing Cross Hospital is Carbon Copi, who serve exquisite coffee and a delicious range of items to eat. 

There are also several pubs and restaurants in the area, serving up everything from traditional British fare to international cuisine, in particular The Colton Arms is a popular local public house. 

Colton Arms

Schools in Barons Court

Those living in Barons Court have several good schools in and around Barons Court, the William Morris Sixth Form caters to children aged between 16-19 and Bayonne Nursery School on Paynes Walk caters to children aged 2-5. 

Towards Fulham there is independent Fulham Prep school and nearby St Augustine’s RC Primary School which is a Roman Catholic state-run school. 

There are several excellent privately run schools in the neighbouring areas of Brook Green, Hammersmith and Fulham should parents wish to commute a short distance. 

Property in Barons Court

Barons Court is known for its stunning Victorian and Edwardian architecture, with many of the properties dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Housing options in the area range from period townhouses to converted flats, and there are also a few new developments in the area. 

The area has a mix of rental and owned properties, with prices ranging from affordable to luxury. 

Housing prices in Barons Court are relatively competitive compared to some other London neighbourhoods, making it an attractive option for those looking for a great location at a reasonable cost.

Property in Barons Court

Thinking of living in Barons Court?

Barons Court is a highly desirable residential neighbourhood in West London, offering an excellent quality of life, great transport links, and a strong sense of community. 

With its beautiful architecture, range of amenities, and convenient location, Barons Court is a great place to call home for anyone looking to live in London.

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