Top tips for selling in the Winter

As seasoned estate agents Horton and Garton have sold homes in every season and in this blog, we highlight our top tips for selling in the Winter. The darker and colder months of the year are often regarded to be the most challenging time to sell.

Is the winter a good time to sell?

Potential buyers searching in the winter months are usually the most committed of them all, after all, who wants to be going from property to property in the rain or snow unless you really are serious about moving, 

It’s also the case that there are less homes on the market for sale, meaning less competition and allowing your home to stand out. 

Top tips for selling in the Winter

Tips for selling in the Winter

What can you do on the days when its wet, cold and dark? How can you ensure your property looks the best it possibly can?

A grand entrance

Regardless of the season, first impressions always matter when it comes to selling a house. Whilst there might not be flowers in bloom in the darkest parts of winter, and no leaves on the trees, sellers can still take steps to ensure their home looks good from the curb. 

  • Clear the path or drive of leaves and general debris that may have collected. 
  • Clean the front door, or even give it a new coat of paint if necessary. 
  • Similarly, windows and ledges can become dirty, cleaning these or giving them a coat of paint to freshen up can make a big difference to first impressions. 
  • If your front door needs a new knob or knocker, these can be a great investment to boost the first impression.

It can also be a good idea, if it is especially icy and there are viewings booked, to salt or grit external walkways and drives to avoid visitors slipping over. 

Winter maintenance

One of the key maintenance points in the winter months is to clear drains and gutters to ensure rainwater doesn’t pool or flood. 

Another key winter maintenance point that is worth tending to in advance of viewings is to prevent draughts. Check window seals and perhaps install draught excluders where necessary. 

Light and bright

Where possible, your agent will arrive in advance of a viewing to ensure all the lights are turned on throughout the property and curtains are drawn. In the summer months homes can rely on natural light to fill their homes but for those selling in the winter, electrical lighting will likely be necessary. 

If you have a corner of a room that is naturally quite dark, even with the lights on, it might be worth exploring buying a table lamp or floor lamp. 

If you have external lighting, ensure this is on too, or show your agent where the switches are so that those viewing can see everything when they’re there, especially if a viewing is after dark. 

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Keep the floors clean

Typically, in the winter our floors get dirty frequently but it’s important to keep them as clean as is possible during viewings to keep the property looking its best. 

Fresh lick of paint

Whatever the season, a fresh lick of paint is always on our list of top tips for selling. Over time walls end up with scuff marks or chips in areas of heavy footfall such as the hallway. 

A fresh lick of paint can transform a space entirely and ensure the property looks its best when on the market for sale. 

Make it cosy

It might seem obvious but when it’s cold outside, entering a warm and welcoming, cosy space immediate creates a good impression. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for ways to boost the cosiness of your home, adding throws, cushions and rugs where appropriate. 

Tips for selling in the winter

Don’t neglect the garden

Outside space will require attention and there are certain jobs in the garden that are best completed in the winter

Though your garden won’t be in bloom and will have likely lost most of its leaves, giving bushes a trim, collecting dead branches and twigs, and carrying out general maintenance can go a long way. As can cleaning the patio, which can often collect debris and form green algae through the winter. 

Buyers won’t expect your garden to be ready for winter use, but if it’s overgrown and unkempt they won’t be able to get the best idea of how it would potentially look in the warmer parts of the year when they envisage using it. 

Make good use of storage

When they’re thinking about buying a home, buyers will inevitably open cupboards and assess the storage to gauge whether or not there is enough space for them to reside there. 

Its sensible to make good use of the storage you have; organise cupboards and declutter as much as possible. 

Make the most of the space

There are a few things sellers can do to really demonstrate the space in a room. 

Decluttering is one of the most straight forward ways to make the most of the space in your home. 

To elevate space, high-legged tables and chairs together with hanging artwork a little higher, can really boost the ceiling height. 

Mirrors are also incredibly useful when making the most of a space and adding depth. 

Make it sparkle

We’re not talking about tinsel, we’re talking about giving everything a good clean. 

Whilst its commonly accepted that a clean house is necessary when selling, in the winter especially, when the focus will be more on the inside than the outside of a home, keeping everything sparkly is paramount. 

Polish mirrors and chrome taps, dust light fittings and clear out the cobwebs and if necessary, re-silicone bathrooms to ensure the inside of your home looks as good as it possibly can. 

We also always recommend making the beds to a hotel standard, crisp white linen or simply a well made bed can make an excellent impression.

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Top tips for selling in the Winter

As mentioned, winter is a time when buyers searching for a home are likely to be most serious and less speculative. And the number of homes for sale can be lesser than other times of the year meaning your home has opportunity to stand out and generate greater interest. 

Though it might be dark, wet and cold on most days, our top tips for selling in the winter will help ensure your home is showcased in its best possible light.