Hallway Design Ideas

Hallway Design Ideas | 10 Tips from Interior Designer Sarah Fox

As West London estate agents, we recognise the importance of first impressions, so by talking to local interior designer Sarah Fox, in this blog, we share hallway design ideas to help homeowners finesse the design of their space. 

The hallway is a canvas of possibilities, often overlooked but bursting with potential to become the defining space of your home. 

Sarah Fox of Fox Interior Design, believes that the journey of home design begins with the hallway. Let’s uncover her insights and tips for crafting an entrance that is nothing short of spectacular.

1. Understand the Importance of First Impressions

First impressions really are very important, as estate agents we feel we might say it too often, but it really is very true, and they do count when a buyer first arrives at a property. 

Sarah emphatically points out, “The hallway is often an overlooked space, but it is the first impression people have of a home.” 

When it comes to hallway design ideas, changing your own perception of the space and its importance in a home is a valuable first step. It’s not merely a path between rooms; it’s the prologue to the novel that is your home. 

Ensure it is an inviting space. 

2. Create a Stylish Display

An entrance can be transformed by just adding a well-curated display. “Curating a display in your hallway is a key finishing touch that helps a space come together,” advises Sarah. 

3. Engage All the Senses

Beyond visuals, it’s about creating a multisensory experience. Sarah suggests, “To really elevate your entryway, use the sense of smell to take your design to another level.” 

Think aromatic candles or diffusers that subtly perfume the air, welcoming guests. Be careful not too go over the top though! There’s a fine balance to getting just enough scent to be present but not an overbearing amount. 

4. Embrace Bold Colours and Patterns

The days of bland hallways are long gone. Sarah encourages going bold, stating, “To counter the lack of natural light, consider going bold with your choice of colours or patterns.” 

The Bone China Blue Panelling in her project (see photo below) is evidence of this audacious approach.

When selling your home try to make conscious decisions when being bold, it won’t always be to everyone’s taste but if you’re looking to brighten a space, do so with a level of caution, it’s best not to be too personal in choices if your intention is to boost the appeal to potential buyers. 

Design ideas for the hallway
Credit: Sarah Fox

5. Mirror Magic

Mirrors aren’t just about vanity; they are practical design elements. Sarah notes, “Hallways are notoriously lacking in natural light but one way to overcome this is to add a large mirror.”

By strategically placing a mirror, such as one mimicking a window, a space can appear larger and brighter.

6. Illuminate Your Space

Lighting in a hallway is more than just a functional necessity. Sarah believes, “Lighting is also crucial in a hallway, especially if natural light is limited.” 

Whether it’s elegant pendant lights or statement wall sconces, the right lighting, as seen in the photo above, can create a warm ambiance, making your hallway feel cosy and welcoming.

7. Infuse Architectural Details

Details make the design. Incorporating architectural details like beading or panelling, as Sarah suggests, “is a classic way to add character.” 

Additionally, the use of durable paint, as seen in the photo below, ensures longevity against daily wear and tear.

Hallway Designs
Credit: Sarah Fox

8. Showcase Artwork

Art brings soul to a space. “Adding a personal touch such as a gallery wall or family photos…,” Sarah explains, can transform a mundane passage into a personal gallery. 

The black and white prints in the Chiswick hallway stand as a testament to this idea.

We’re fortunate to have many galleries in West London and of course many artists based locally – an excellent directory of whom can be found on Artists at Home

Hallway ideas
Credit: Sarah Fox

9. Think Storage Solutions

Functionality is key, especially in entrance areas. Sarah emphasizes the importance of decluttering: “Storage solutions are key to creating a clutter-free, calm entrance.” 

Clever solutions like under-stair storage or inventive uses of the smallest rooms, like the WC in the photo below, can combine aesthetics and utility.

Under storage solutions
Credit: Sarah Fox

10. Prioritize Flooring

A floor isn’t just a foundation; it’s a stage. Sarah concludes with the vital point of choosing the right flooring: “Don’t forget the flooring… A statement carpet runner up the stairs adds character and colour.” 

This sentiment is beautifully echoed in the carpet runner in the photo below

Sarah Fox interior designer tips
Credit: Sarah Fox

Hallway Design Ideas from the experts

Sarah Fox’s philosophy underscores the significance of the hallway in setting the tone for the rest of the home. Armed with these tips, homeowners can craft a space that is not only functional but also deeply personal and stylish. 

You can find out more information on her website here.

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