Mari Deli

Interview with Mariano | Owner of Mari Deli and Dining

Mari Deli and Dining is an authentic high-end Italian deli and restaurant situated on the corner of Eyot Gardens, a picturesque and peaceful residential road in Chiswick Mall.

Since opening, Mari Deli has become a popular spot along the river to grab a delicious coffee and pastry, browse through a selection of authentic Italian products, unwind with a refreshing drink, or enjoy a homemade Italian meal.

In our conversation with owner Mariano, we delve into the rich history of Mari Deli, the team’s passion for serving authentic Italian dishes and his appreciation for the local community.

Opening times: Wednesday – Monday 7 am – 11 pm (Sunday 7 am – 10 pm)

Address: 1a Eyot Gardens, London, W6 9TN

Website: Mari Deli and Dining

Header photo credit: Frank Noon

History behind Mari Deli

For the past six years, Mari Deli and Dining, an independent, family-run business, has been operating as a delightful Italian delicatessen and restaurant, serving high-quality coffee, authentic Italian produce, and dishes to the community.

When discussing the history of Mari Deli, Mariano said:

“Our journey began over 20 years ago when we acquired the shop, but at that time, we were engaged in larger ventures. Unfortunately, we experienced a heartbreaking family loss, prompting us to reevaluate our path. In time, we opted for a more serene and tranquil existence, culminating in the establishment of the delightful Deli nestled within the heart of Chiswick.

From the very moment we set foot in this neighbourhood, we felt its positive and vibrant energy. Nestled along the river walk in Chiswick, Mari Deli Dining has become an integral part of this lovely community. We take immense pride in serving the finest and freshest Italian produce along with lovingly prepared home-cooked dishes based on cherished family recipes. Whether you prefer to take away or dine in, we offer a memorable culinary experience.

As our customers have noted over time, we’ve truly become an integral part of this neighbourhood. Taking a closer look at our journey and dedication will reveal how much we’ve come to mean to this community.”

Experience in food and wine industry

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Mariano and his family are true experts when it comes to serving high-quality food and wine. 

Before Mari Deli and Dining, Mariano and his family ran Miraggio, a fine-dining Italian restaurant on Fulham Road. With a seating capacity of 130 covers, Mariano and his team served roughly 200 covers a day, making them well-versed in running a fast-paced restaurant.

In 2015, the family decided to sell Miraggio and start their new venture, Mari Deli and Dining, bringing their exceptional service, expertise and mouth-watering dishes to the W4 community.

The story behind the name Mari Deli

When asked why they chose Mari Deli as the name for their deli and restaurant, Mariano said:

“In our family, a beautiful tradition binds us all together – each of our names is connected to “Mari.” It’s this meaningful tradition that inspired us to name our shop accordingly. My father’s name was Mario, my mother is Maria, I am Mariano, my daughter is Maria, and my son is Mario.  Also, the essence of “Mari,” embodying the vastness of the “Seas” in Italian, has warmly permeated our family life. It’s been a constant source of gathering, binding us together in cherished moments of familial closeness by the soothing embrace of the sea.

Given the significance of these names in our lives, there was no doubt in my mind that the shop had to carry this special name. It embodies the essence of our family’s bond and heritage, making it the perfect and only choice for our cherished establishment.”

Mari Deli - Mamma Maria and Mariano
Credit: Mari Deli

The famous Fiat 500 Giardinetta

Parked beside Mari Deli Dining is Marina, a unique and charming Fiat Giardinetta adorned with beautiful decorations and an open trunk filled with a colourful array of organic fruit and vegetables.

Over the years, Marina has become a local landmark, attracting visitors from far and wide, including bloggers and influencers who have featured her in their videos and content. Alongside these videos, Mariano said, “to our astonishment, she even graced the spotlight on BBC Weather News during Coronation Day, a testament to the captivating allure she possesses.”

When discussing how Marina became part of the Mari Deli family, Mariano said:

“Marina, whose name was undoubtedly meant to be, became a cherished addition to our family four years ago. Originally meant as a heartfelt gesture for my mother, Maria, from my father, Mario, she was part of the formation of our family. It evoked memories of the time our family started to take shape, encompassing a treasury of cherished moments. This is precisely why I decided to acquire this car – as both a tribute to my mother and a cherished keepsake of my father. The Fiat Giardinetta, a classic and chic green car, soon transcended its role and evolved into a beloved mascot of our neighbourhood.

Embracing the spirit of versatility, we regularly update our display to align with different events and themes. Presently, we’re busily preparing an exciting summer surprise that will undoubtedly leave everyone eagerly anticipating what’s to come. Stay tuned for more as we continue to celebrate the magic of Marina and the unforgettable moments, she brings to all who encounter her.”

Mari Deli Menu

Mari Deli offers a diverse menu catering to every dietary requirement, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian, with every dish freshly made on the premises by the head chef, Mamma Maria and Mariano.


Mari Deli and Dining serves high-quality coffee, tea, and a selection of cold drinks, as well as a broad range of deli items, including sweet and savoury pastries, homemade ice cream, bread, Italian meats, cheese, and organic fruit and vegetables.

Mari Deli
Credit: Mari Deli


Open all day, Mari Deli, offers options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it an ideal spot for any meal. 

The menu includes a variety of delicious dishes ranging from pizza and pasta to cheese, salami and prosciutto boards, as well as desserts and homemade ice cream. All of which are accompanied by a comprehensive Italian wine menu and traditional aperitivo options.

Bring a taste of Italy home

Mari Deli has expanded to online platforms, such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and their own online store, making it easy for customers to order and enjoy their favourite Italian dishes at home or work.

Choosing suppliers at Mari Deli

With an unwavering passion for serving high-quality homemade food, Mariano and Mamma Maria make every dish on the premises using organic, fresh and natural ingredients.

When discussing how Mariano sources the ingredients for their menu, he said:

“Allow me to share a single illustration: our products are directly imported from Italian farms, often requiring me to make trips to Heathrow for their retrieval (frequently during the early hours of the morning!). As a matter of fact, we might just be the sole shop across the UK that proudly presents burrata di bufala on our shelves! We work alongside UK importers who source exceptional Italian products from small-scale producers based in Italy. The fish products, on the other hand, are procured directly from local fishermen in the UK.”

Mari Deli
Credit: Mari Deli

Where in Italy is most special to you?

Originally from Naples, we asked Mariano where in Italy is most special to him and his family which he replied:

“While Italy holds a special place in our hearts with its numerous remarkable locations, Napoli holds the most profound significance. It is where we were born, our beloved hometown, and the very essence of our origins. Each memory and cherished tradition from Napoli accompany us here in London, making it an irreplaceable part of our lives.

On a contrasting note, Sardinia holds a unique and cherished position in our affections, as my family has been visiting the island every summer since before my birth. A distinctive connection binds us to this locale, as we’ve evolved into a local community during these annual visits. Presently, our children are also creating shared summer holiday experiences in Sardinia, thereby nurturing a generational continuity. It’s a breathtaking destination, enriched with profound meaning for our family, encompassing the repository of all our cherished summer memories.”

Recommended dishes

With a wide selection of delicious Italian dishes, many customers are often stuck on what to try first. We asked Mariano what dish he would recommend, to which he suggested:

“At the heart of our menu lies Mamma Maria’s special homemade Aubergine Parmigiana, our signature dish that captures the essence of Italian culinary delight. This beloved creation is a daily favourite, adored by our customers who simply can’t resist its flavourful allure.”

What makes Chiswick so special

Having lived in the local area for the past 26 years, Mariano and his family have gained valuable insights into the benefits of living in Chiswick. When asked what makes Chiswick so special, he shared five key points.

Charming Neighbourhood

“Chiswick exudes a distinct charm with its tree-lined streets, beautiful parks, and picturesque river walk along the Thames.”

Sense of community

“Chiswick has a strong sense of community, where residents often feel a deep connection to the area. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere fosters a close-knit community spirit.”

Green Spaces

“Chiswick is blessed with numerous green spaces and parks, offering residents ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.”

History and Heritage

“The area has a rich history, and many of its buildings and landmarks carry a sense of heritage, adding character to the neighbourhood.”

Quality of Life

“The overall quality of life in Chiswick is highly regarded, with a good mix of amenities, schools, and recreational facilities.”

Property in Chiswick

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