Riverfront Art Trail

Riverfront Art Trail

The Riverfront Art Trail is a stunning new addition to the Thames Path, providing an enjoyable and inspiring experience for walkers, runners, and cyclists alike.

The art trail was developed by the Riverfront Business Group, a community business group with a shared goal to promote and champion Hammersmith Riverfront as a place to live, work and play.

Last year the group assembled to discuss how they could bring this collective goal to life, ultimately deciding that the Riverfront Art Trail would be an incredible way to showcase the talent within Hammersmith and Fulham’s creative community, and capture the beauty of Hammersmith Riverside.

What is the Riverfront Art Trail

The Riverfront Art Trail is less than a mile long along the Thames Path and features six unique plaques, each showcasing a piece of artwork beautifully designed by Hammersmith and Fulham artists.

As part of the process, the Riverfront Art Group launched an ‘open call’ for local artists to submit pieces of artwork on the theme of living, working and enjoying the Riverfront earlier in the year. Following the call-out, the group received 32 submissions from 29 artists, of which 6 were chosen for the trail.

These plaques have been installed in locations along the Hammersmith and Fulham Riverside that are either meaningful to the artist or inspired their piece of work.

Each plaque has a QR code for users to scan which will direct them to the Riverside Studios website, providing you with more information on about the Riverfront Art Trail, that particular artwork and also a link to see every piece of artwork submitted for the trail.

Art Trail along Hammersmith Riverfront

Meet the Riverfront Art Trail Artists

We spoke with the six chosen artists about their artwork, what inspired them and how it felt to be chosen.

Nazaret Cabrera

Nazaret’s artwork is a sketch of cyclists along Hammersmith Bridge and features her friend Sara cycling with her go-pro, capturing the joy of cycling across Hammersmith Bridge.

When discussing what inspired her artwork, Nazaret said that she has a passion for drawing buildings and with Hammersmith Bridge being such a meaningful place to her, it was the perfect subject for her artwork. She said, “Hammersmith Bridge gives me a sense of peace”.

The artwork took over 10 hours to complete and was drawn using a very thin liner, enabling Nazaret to show the finer details of Hammersmith Bridge.

Nazaret mentioned that when she first recognised her plaque, she was walking with her friend and screamed when she noticed. She said that everyone must have been shocked by her reaction.


Sena, a resident of the Riverfront area for over two decades, was born in Hammersmith and Fulham. His plaque can be found in the vicinity of the Fulham Reach Boat Club, a picturesque location that he recommends for viewing sunsets.

When discussing his artwork he said that the range of sunset colours on the river and the surrounding building’s reflections he witnesses during sunsets were influencial in his work.

Sena explained that he creates art in felt fabric.  This piece is made with two images – concentric circles in shades of blue and a grid fading from yellow to deep purple with both features reflecting the beautiful sunsets seen on the river. When he adds ‘mirrors’ both images can be seen clearly as the viewer sees the artwork from different angles. 

Website: senashah.com

Instagram: Senashah_artwork

Riverfront Art Trail

Tony Harrison

Outside the Blue Anchor pub, is artwork by Tony Harrison, whose subject for his artwork was The Lower Mall.

The Lower Mall is a beautiful stretch along the River that boasts a selection of famous pubs, each with plenty of outdoor seating, and is a popular spot for watching those row along the River, alongside the annual Oxford vs Cambridge boat race.

Gloria Gemignani

Local resident, Gloria, regularly strolls along Hammersmith Riverside, taking in its breathtaking views.

During her walks, she passes through Lower Mall, a stretch of the River home to the pub, Blue Anchor, a well-known location for scenes from “Sliding Doors” and “No Time to Die”.

When Gloria read the brief, she said that she wanted to celebrate the art of cinema and knowing that the plaque was going to be a circle, she combined the shape of the circle with the iconic 007 gun barrel sequence and added her own touch to it with Hammersmith Bridge and the heron. 

To create her piece of artwork, Gloria used Lino print, a technique that she had tried only once before at a much smaller scale. Despite the challenge, she said she spent the whole weekend carving away in her living room and enjoyed every minute of it.

Website: behance.net/gloriagemignani

Hammersmith Riverfront

Caroline Silver

Caroline’s painting in acrylics and handmade collage offers a stunning view of the Thames from outside famous designer William Morris’s house to Fulham Football Club, drawing inspiration from the 18th-century history of Doves Passage.

Caroline said that by changing her perspective to a bird’s eye view, she was able to showcase the river all the way to Fulham Football Club, a view not visible from the William Morris Society.

When creating her artwork, Caroline shared that she frequently visited the Doves Passage and the Upper Mall to capture a combination of views to include in her painting, and on her visits, she enjoyed learning about the history of Hammersmith Mall and the William Morris Society. She said that she made a point of having William Morris’s House as the first building in her painting to guide the viewer’s eyes into the painting.

During one visit, the tide was low, and the boats were settled on the riverbed, revealing the islands, the view underneath Hammersmith Bridge and the expanse of the meandering river. She said this visit gave her a unique perspective of the river that she incorporated into her painting.

Website: carolinesilverartist.com

Instagram: @carolinesilverartist

Hammersmith Riverfront Art Trail

Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers, the art trails’ youngest artist, lives on the riverside and was inspired by the sailing boats she regularly watches “dancing on the water” outside London Corinthian Sailing Club.

Riverfront Art Trail | More details

To find out more information about the Riverfront Art Trail please visit the Riverside Studios website here.

Living in Hammersmith Riverside

Hammersmith Riverside boasts a wonderful selection of restaurants, cafes, pubs alongside the well known Riverside Studios, Sam’s Riverside and Fulham Reach Boat Club.

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